Edge4Health is the future of buying and selling across the NHS. It is a retail standard eMarketplace that will fundamentally change how products are bought and sold for use within the NHS.

The low cost online system provides a single access point to the NHS and offers suppliers the opportunity to easily connect with as many registered Trusts as they want to sell to. A much simpler way to navigate the NHS and sell to existing and new customers.

Suppliers upload their entire catalogue of products just once to then be discovered by any Trust using Edge4Health. They then have complete control to update and manage products and prices in one location.

Over 350 suppliers have already signed up to Edge4Health and by the end of 2018 around half of all acute hospitals in England will be using the system as well as a number of Community and Mental Health Trusts.

Edge4Health is changing the way the NHS does business with the aim of directing NHS cost savings straight back to front line care to the benefit of us all.



Load entire product catalogue only once, providing full product visibility and the ability to receive orders across the entire range.


Sell to an unlimited and ever-growing number of Trusts.


The simple, user friendly system automates many currently labour-intensive processes making product induction and order processing more efficient by eliminating errors to save time and money in the process.


Edge4Health is free to use as a promotional product catalogue to attract potential new buyers across the NHS. Subscribers pay an annual fee to set their agreed contract prices for each NHS Trust, choosing to serve either up to 5 selected Trusts or all registered Trusts.


  • Upload catalogue
  • Products visible to all Trusts
  • No pricing visible


  • Upload catalogue
  • Products visible to all Trusts
  • Manage prices for up to 5 Trusts
Per annum


  • Upload catalogue
  • Products visible to all Trusts
  • Manage price files for all Trusts
Per annum


The platform is designed to exacting retail standards, if fully compliant with PEPPOL and supports the implementation of GS1 and the NHS Standards of Procurement.

An exciting development due to come to Edge4Health later in 2018 is its P2P functionality. This will add a fully automated procure to pay option that will revolutionise how invoices are processed and paid. Saving Trusts and suppliers even more time and money across the supply chain.

Trust adoption

As of February 2018, there are 12 Trusts using Edge4Health. By the end of 2018 it is likely that nearly half of all Trusts will also be using the system. This means that Edge4Health will be a shop window to around half of all acute hospitals in England. Adoption is not limited to NHS SBS Trusts either, the goal is for Edge4Health to be the default catalogue management and P2P platform across the entire NHS.


What is Edge4Health?
Edge4Health is a new, cloud-based platform that has been adopted by a number of NHS Trusts to deliver all of their Catalogue Management and purchase-to- pay (P2P) requirements. As of February 2018, the Catalogue Management module has been implemented by 12 Trusts. In Q1 2018, the Procure-To-Pay (P2P) module will go live in Guy’s and St Thomas’ to then be rolled out across all active Trusts.
Suppliers who want to sell products to NHS Trusts who have adopted Edge4Health must use it to transact and operate efficiently.
The full list of Trusts is as follows (updated February 2018):
  • Guy's and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust
  • North Tees and Hartlepool Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (Central)
  • Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (South)
  • Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust
  • Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust
  • Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust
  • Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Product Information Management (PIM)

The user-friendly platform enables suppliers to use Edge4Health as a PIM — all product data can be kept in one place and exported/imported as required for any markets.

Rich product data

Ability to display products with images, attributes and descriptions enabling a richer buying experience for trusts.

Price list management

Upload, manage and maintain individual trust price lists in real-time. N.B. Pricing will not be shared among trusts – pricing information is entered and approved on a trust-by- trust basis or groups of trusts as appropriate in line with agreed contracts and framework agreement routes.

Price approvals

Prices are authorised within Edge4Health by NHS buyers in a live environment, prior to publication.

GS1 data compliance

Easy data mapping prompts suppliers towards GS1 Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) data compliance. Want to know more about the benefits of signing up to use the system? Watch the short video that outlines more of the features and benefits in detail.

  • Suppliers are able to display their whole catalogue rather than just a limited number of products.
  • Products will be displayed with images, attributes and descriptions in an intuitive marketplace enabling a much richer buying experience for Trusts.
  • Prices are authorised on one platform which means there are no invoice disputes due to incorrect pricing.
  • Suppliers can be discovered by new Trusts on Edge4Health (re local controls).
  • Suppliers only have to upload their product files one time for all Trusts to see – not once for every Trust (note that pricing will not be shared among Trusts).
  • Suppliers can use Edge4Health as a PIM. All product data can be kept in one place enriched and exported/imported at will.
  • Suppliers are able to easily map their data to the GS1 GDSN data model and expose the % compliance.
  • Suppliers will be able to promote or advertise new products and services to Trusts (future development) – a true marketplace.
The subscription fee for Catalogue Management is £240 + VAT per year for Local Suppliers (suppliers who sell to 5 or less Trusts) and £2,400 + VAT per year for National Suppliers (suppliers who sell to more than 5 Trusts) – this fee is payable when uploading your first price file. There is no limit to the number of products you can include in your catalogue or price file.
There are no charges for uploading your catalogue, and once uploaded they will be visible to all Trusts. However, a Trust cannot buy from you via Edge4Health until you have loaded your price file for that Trust.
Edge4Health is a PEPPOL access point. You can choose a separate PEPPOL access point, however, this will feed the orders through Edge4Health to communicate order status information including tracking. There is a fee to use our PEPPOL access point over and above the 0.5% order fee.
The next release of Edge4Health platform due the end of May will have connections to GHX and NHS Supply Chain. The following release will have connections to PEPPOL. All of these are versions of an EDI. In addition, as more suppliers and Trusts come on to Edge4Health, we will be building a generic API for suppliers to connect to. Again, this should cover most EDI solutions used by suppliers with Trusts currently.


To subscribe, you will need to have the following approved. Print or read online.

These are just a few of the Brands already using The Edge™ technology